A Brokerage house with tradition

INVESTBROKER AD Skopje is one of the founders of the Macedonian Stock Exchange 

Вредност и на Централниот Депозитар за хартии од вредност


About the company

We are one of the creators of the capital market in Macedonia 


years of tradition

Active participation in the growth and functioning of the securities operations in North Macedonia 



Our client’s trust is based on the quality and professionalism of our employees

1.000.000 е

basic principal

In compliance with the Law on Securities, INVESTBROKER is licensed to perform all security services


The vision of INVESTBROKER is to maintain high-performance quality in the field of stock exchange intermediation, to strengthen the trust among current and future clients, as well as to promote professional values aimed at improving the financial sector


High level of expertise in stock exchange intermediation

Integrity reflected in the protection of clients and their interests

Collaboration provided in a manner by which clients feel like a significant part of the job

Team spirit Team spirit which influences the personal growth and development of our employees and their commitment reflected through high-quality financial services


The mission of INVESTBROKER is to provide financial services and establish a stable relationship with our clients and shareholders, through mutual trust, professionalism and commitment of our employees, as to further enhance our long-standing partnership


Short summary of our growth


INVESTBROKER AD Skopje introduces a new service for its clients – trading in securities at foreign markets


Changing the official name to INVESTBROKER AD Skopje


Actively participating in the preparations for the establishment and operations of the Central Securities Depositary AD Skopje as one of the founding shareholders


Founded as an intermediary brokerage company Makos-Investbroker AD Skopje


Founder and shareholder of the Macedonian Stock Exchange

Founded as an organizational unit under Investbank AD Skopje

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