Invest in your future

We offer investment opportunities for national, regional and global stock exchanges which
bring capital growth and regular dividend income.
ALK 17,559.00 -0.41%
GRNT 1,234.00 1.76%
KJUBI 1,236.00 0%
KMB 12,151.19 0.14%
MPT 66,400.00 -0.35%
MTUR 4,598.80 0.27%
OPFO 6,150.00 0%
RMDEN20 94.50 6.18%
RMDEN21 94.50 0%
RZUS 52.00 0%
TEL 385.00 0%

Investing in global companies

Trade in securities, ETFs, GDRs, ADRs at the largest markets and stock exchanges in the world

Investing in the Macedonian Stock Exchange

Trading in securities and bonds on the macedonian stock exchange


MSE platform for real-time monitoring and issuing electronic orders


Web application for issuing electronic orders for MSE trading through your mobile device